Gluten Free Deodorant

    gluten free

  • a product is classified as Gluten free if it carries an appropriate mark, symbol or declaration to that effect (including if a pack is labelled as being suitable for coeliacs).
  • A gluten-free diet is a diet completely free of ingredients derived from gluten-containing cereals: wheat (including kamut and spelt), barley, rye, Malts and triticale, as well as the use of gluten as a food additive in the form of a flavoring, stabilizing or thickening agent.
  • There is not wheat, rye, barley or oat gluten present in the product. Products are randomly tested to ensure that there is no contamination of gluten from other sources.


  • A substance that removes or conceals unpleasant smells, esp. bodily odors
  • Deodorants are substances applied to the body to eliminate body odor caused by the bacterial breakdown of perspiration. A subgroup of deodorants, antiperspirants, prevent odor and reduce sweat produced by parts of the body.
  • a toiletry applied to the skin in order to mask unpleasant odors
  • Any agent acting to eliminate, reduce, mask, or control odor; An odor-controlling substance applied to the underarm to counteract odor from perspiration; acting or including an agent to eliminate, reduce, mask, or control odor

gluten free deodorant

gluten free deodorant – Florere Vegan

Florere Vegan Deodorant Stick – Vegan, Non-gmo, Aluminum & Gluten Free – Smell Like You Only Better!
Florere Vegan Deodorant Stick - Vegan, Non-gmo, Aluminum & Gluten Free - Smell Like You Only Better!
Florere deodorant is a gentle, natural but powerfully effective formula utilizing shea butter, cocoa butter, baking soda, cornstarch and essential oils which help to neutralize odor at the source. Our deodorants are effective at absorbing moisture, but they do not contain harmful chemicals or aluminum compounds. Florere is not an anti-perspirant, it is a naturally effective deodorant. Our deodorant is available in 2 unique formulas – a cream and a stick. Florere Deodorant Stick has a solid consistency. it was designed to soften upon skin contact. To apply, simply hold the stick against the skin for a few seconds (your body head will warm it up!) then apply to the entire armpit area. Allow to absorb completely, and you’re done! Deodorant Stick by Florere is a powerful deodorant formula which is gentle and healing to the skin. The unique formulation provides long lasting protection without harmful chemicals and is used by men and women from all walks of life, and medical backgrounds, who simply want an all natural deodorant that actually works. Florere’s All Natural Deodorant Stick with essential extracts of organic lavender and sage is a unique and gentle formula, yet highly effective and long lasting. It helps keep underarms fresh without aluminum chlorohydrate, propylene glycol, parabens, or petroleum by products. The bacterial inhibiting properties of pure essential extracts suspended in our cream base helps reduce odor, perspiration and pore size. The formula goes on clear and leaves no white residue. For all skin types Vegan CCIC Certified for no animal testing Patented Formula Free from harsh chemicals, aluminum, and petroleum by products Subtle natural scent which won’t interfere with perfume or cologne Long lasting, effective protection Gentle to delicate skin and environment

Déodorant en Spray Parfumé Womanity

Déodorant en Spray Parfumé Womanity
Un spray déodorant, à l’extrait naturel de figue. Jeune et frais. Protecteur. Une fraîcheur sensuelle et fruitée. Une ligne enrichie en extraits naturels de figue, pour le confort et la douceur de la peau.

Scented deodorant spray
A deodorant spray with natural fig extract. Young and refreshing. Protective. A sensuous and fruity freshness. A line enriched with natural fig extracts for the skin’s comfort and softness.


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gluten free deodorant

gluten free deodorant

SWEET! Vegan Deodorant (Chemical and Gluten Free) - Cocoa Butter
SWEET! deodorant is Vegan, Chemical-Free, Unscented, Gluten-Free, made fresh in Michigan and it REALLY works! Why do you need SWEET! deodorant? Did you know that your deodorant possibly contains harmful chemicals like antifreeze/ brake fluid components, aluminum and more horrible toxins that you are innocently slathering on your armpits which contain lymph nodes and breast tissue? Isn’t it disturbing that you’re potentially sharing personal products with your car? PLEASE NOTE: Each SWEET! deodorant is carefully made one at a time from all natural raw materials and none of the toxic chemicals that give commercial deodorants their smooth textures and consistent applicability. So be patient with SWEET!. It does appear dry in the container (yes, it’s fresh) but it will soften to a creamy consistency when it touches your armpits. Takes only 5 seconds! SWEET! deodorant contains ONLY 5 CHEMICAL-FREE, VEGAN INGREDIENTS! 1. Arrowroot Powder — from a large perennial herb found in rainforest habitats. 2. Baking Soda — sodium bicarbonate, no aluminum, naturally occurring mineral that can be found dissolved in many mineral springs. 3. Natural Cocoa Butter — unrefined, amazing emollient properties, antioxidant. 4. Candelilla Wax — anti-inflammatory, moisturizer, skin-protectant 5. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil — antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-fungal, antibacterial SWEET! eliminates odor, but not the critical body cooling process of perspiration. SAVING THE WORLD TWO ARMPITS AT A TIME!